Cubemen 1.1

Fast paced 3D battle game


  • Original tower defense game
  • Lots of levels and challenges
  • Fast and furious
  • Requires lots of strategic thinking


  • Doesn't work on early MacBooks


Cubemen for Mac is a 3D Good v Evil tower defense style game when little blue men take on little red men in an effort to attack their respective areas.

It's fast and furious with various modes and levels plus a "Skirmish mode" which allows you to play against either the computer or another human opponent. This means you can play a human v human tower defense game in real time. However, there are no static towers like in a normal tower defense game - it's all about invading the opponents area with your little men.

You can move your Cubemen around the board at any time or click on an enemy to target them. There are a bewildering array of levels to choose from including 35 Defense Levels, 25 Skimish Levels, 6 Mayhem Levels and 6 Defense Gameplay modes. You can also play a Cubemen Multiplayer game across platforms, so you can play iPad v Steam etc.

Note that Cubemen does not support Intel GMA9XX Video Cards which are found in early Intel MacBook's and Mac Minis.

Cubemen is a fun and challenging game that takes an original slant on the tower defense genre.



Cubemen 1.1

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